Cantiliver Storage System

The STEELFUR Cantilever Storage System is a compact Storage System especially designed for Lengthy Loads like Pipes, Tubes & Bars.

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  • Available in Standard as well as customised sizes. Optimum space utilisation.
  • Heavy Duty Rack construction up to approachable heights when store house is with small airspace and low height.
  • High quality and corrosion resistance powder coating.
  • Pre-thought safety precautions from design to realisation.
  • Modular, Durable & Economic Concept with Fast Retrieval Facility. Single sided and double sided design.


  • Storge of Lengthy Loads like Pipes, Tubes & Bars in huge quntity where material movement is less. Front Loading Facility makes the Storing user friendly.
  • Heavy Engineering, Automobile & Electrical Industries.


  • System with fast level readjustment most suitable for narrow & broad corridors.
  • Increases Storage capacity.
  • Less investment cost than real estate

Quality Highlights

  • Fine Quality steel
  • Corrosion Resistant powder coating Finish Epoxy polyster
  • Tested for Scratch, Adhesion, Flexibility.