MS Pallets

The STEELFUR MS Pallets are especially designed for easy & safe routing of materials.

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  • Available in standard and customised sizes.
  • Safe Load Bearing Capacity.
  • Colour selection from wide range.


  • All Industries including Food & Pharma Industries.


  • Less investment more perfection.
  • Long Life.
  • Environment Friendly.
  • Safe and versatile Design

Why M S Pallets?

Safety is the concern for anyone who comes in contact with wooden pallets. On a daily basis, warehouse workers are injured handling heavy pallets by hand, are attacked by rogue nails or splinters when pallets are used for displays on superstore floors, and drivers end up in accidents when slick pallets slide off trucks into traffic which lead to huge value settlement claims.

Sometimes, the safety issues aren't as obvious but there are known cases when disinfectants or other substances used to treat wooden pallets leeched into food and beverage products being carried on the pallets, causing consumers to become ill. Many a times, in food, soft drink, Milk & Pharma companies have to recall products because a disinfectant sprayed onto the pallets contaminated the main product itself.

Also Wooden Pallets has become an Eco-Menace - Nearly one million acres of hardwood is forested each year to make wooden pallets.