Cable Trays

The STEELFUR Cable Trays are especially designed for easy & safe routing of cables.

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  • Available in standard and customised sizes as per site conditions.
  • Steel : As per IS: 2062/ 1079
  • Galvanising : As per IS: 2629 / 4759
  • Available in Ladder Type , Perforated Cable Trays, Raceways, Wire ways & Accessories.
  • The Ladder Type Cable Trays are contrived with the width ranging from 150mm to 1200 mm & height ranging from 50 mm to 150 mm. The thickness varies from 16 SWG to 10 SWG with all accessories. These trays comprises of two longitudinal side rails connected by individual transverse members called rungs.
  • Availability in MS Powder Coated, Hot dipped Galvanized, MS Powder Coated, Stainless Steel & Aluminum.


  • Industries, Theatres, Plants, Appartments & Townships.


  • Less investment more perfaction.

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